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i like: guns, Newgrounds, pico, gmod,
i like to draw even if it is not good. i got school all the time...
i draw, read, play games in my spare time.


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sneaky story

Posted by RTC641 - 4 days ago

You are Брайан Сэм, a spy living in Chicago. You have a concealed pistol and a syringe of poison. You listen to the Russian diplomats and hear them discussing their plans to dazzle the Baroness with the riches of France. You decide that a minor distraction can't hurt and leave the hotel via the kitchen entrance. You throw a rock at them. You leave the kitchen and climb into a hedge. You've discarded your "outfit" and are now dressed in a gray workman's suit, with a grey cap pulled down low over your forehead.  You walk by. You walk past the group of diplomats, a few feet away from you. One man dressed in a tuxedo and engraved with a sword stops you. "Excuse me, sir," he asks politely. "Do you speak English?" You nod silently. "I'm from the King of Norway's Embassy," the man continues. "My colleagues and I were talking, and we wondered if you could tell us where we can get a drink around here?" Though you are an experienced assassin, you've never killed a man before. You doubt if you should start here. Of course, you could just give them what they want to hear. Possibly with this many men, they would be able to easily take down you and their country's leader. However, you do not fear death.  You go pretend to surve their boss. You tell them that if they head to the bar on the right, they will find good drinks. They collectively sigh with relief and the man who claimed to be a diplomat heads over to the bar.  You plant a bomb under the chair. You run away and get into a nearby hotel. After putting on a hat and jacket, you head down to the Diplomatic section of the hotel. There are two men guarding the door. You walk up and say Привет, как дела. As you approach the two men, one of them stops you. "I thought I recognized you!" He says. "How may I help you?" As you enter the room, your heart begins to race. You say "Я из места внизу" "I'm from the lowest hell," you lie, "and I have come to claim your souls for Satan." You pull a small pistol from your pocket and shoot the first guard through the head. You take them out. The second guard runs for the phone, but you shoot him in the back. The man falls to the ground, and you run over and shoot him in the head. You say "пока-пока" The remaining men sit quietly in their chairs as you look around the room. One of the men is clutching a rosary in his hands. You walk by. You keep walking as the men sit quietly, watching you. You open the door and step out into the hall. A plain-looking man with a mustache stands there smoking a pipe. You say "Привет" Your voice comes out unnaturally high-pitched and girlish. The man looks annoyed. "Can't you people knock?" he asks. "I'm sorry," you say. You turn your back to the man and walk down the hall. Both men are dead. You can sense it. As you enter the room again, you see an obviously fake bust of Goethe hanging on the wall. In the corner is a large chessboard, on which various men sit around a table playing chess. the bomb explodes killing the bad guy, his guards and destroying the goethe bust You turn to leave, but the man in the mustache grabs your arm. "You! What are you doing here?" he asks angrily. You pull your arm away. You say "я здесь, чтобы убить тебя" and shoot them. "I'm here to kill you," you say simply and shoot the man once in the chest and once in the head. You run out of the room and down the stairs. You call a helicopter. A heavy-set man with a mustache, dressed in a suit and tie, approaches you. "How much?" he asks greedily. You pull out your wallet and show him the money. You highjack the helicopter. You enter the helicopter and fly away from the building, leaving your hired killer in the building. You fly for about an hour, before you see something in the distance: a small island. You call your allies to save you. Angels move quickly. They arrive in five minutes, and within five minutes of that, Castiel arrives.